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 Road Rage

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PostSubject: Road Rage    Wed May 25, 2011 6:43 pm

I drive 40 miles each way to work everyday, and one thing I have noticed, when there is one bad driver on the road, there will be more.

Over and over again, there are spurts when there are a higher percentage of really bad drivers on the road, just how it is.

And sometimes, well, some people are a little grouchy.

A few days ago, I was driving home, it is a 4 lane divided highway, two lanes each direction, and there was a little more traffic than normal.

One vehicle was holding up the flow, driving slow in the passing lane.

When he finally did pull to the right and allow us to pass, he sped up and tried to cut back in front of me to pass a truck.

He did, but if it was a car length between us, I'd not be surprised, too close at those speeds.

And he freaked out at me, flipping me off, total "MFOM" (major freak out mode, a phrase coined by my kids).

He pulled to the right and when I went to pass, he was screaming at me though his window, flipping me off even more -

So I did what everyone should do -

Picked up my camera and took his picture.

I'm sure you can just see the love in this guys eye -

I smiled at him after I took the picture, he slowed way down, hopefully he cooled off a bit.
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Hank the Crank

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PostSubject: Re: Road Rage    Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:42 pm

Lots of drivers are wound up pretty tight these days......used to take my bike to work also......not anymore. Prefer to ride later in the day when the work/volume traffic has died down....not stressful.
Road rage seems more common careful out there!
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Road Rage
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