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 Slow jet of the week

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Slow jet of the week Empty
PostSubject: Slow jet of the week   Slow jet of the week I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 24, 2011 8:46 pm

This bothers me.

A gentleman brings in his scooter, a 2005 Honda Metropolitan - with only 43 miles on it.

He said that he had "us" clean the carb early last year, he put a few miles on it and then parked it and did not touch it.

Would not start up, imagine that.

Carb clean was in order, common on those machines, but what I found really ticked me off.

First, I am not positive the owner did not attempt a repair himself, but he did not say he did, so I'm assuming what I found was caused by a technician that worked for the company when I first started, but "did not work out".

Second, after unbolting the seat and base, I found the throttle cable had loose 12mm nuts, never tightened, bad thing.

Next, the fuel line was missing it's clamp and one of the coolant hoses was as well.

A sign of things to come.

Inside the carb, I found the throttle slide was stuck closed thanks to varnish, but nothing horrible. Pulled the bowl, did not look horrible, then I noticed the jets were buggered up a little, then I removed the slow jet and, well, here - have a look:

Slow jet of the week SlowJet-1

If you do not know anything about slow jets, the bottom half of this one is missing.


Bad deal, explained why the air screw was only out a quarter turn.

Ordered a new one, plus a new main, and a new air screw set and a gasket.

Be good as new very soon.

Heard tell that tech that I believe did the work is working for another dealership.

This is not the first "call back" for him I have had......

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Slow jet of the week
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