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 Our Birthday Week

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PostSubject: Our Birthday Week   Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:49 am

Sheryl took the the first week of October off of work because both of our birthdays are that week. A Great Fall Week it was and we were able to ride everyday with good weather and nice Fall Colors.

I geared Sheryl's bike down a tooth on the front sprocket and that really seemed to help her bike out everywhere. 1st Gear is much improved and easier to control with the change.

Sheryl is really riding well and running a pretty good speed on our rides. I have ridden with some men with years of riding under their belt that don't keep up as well as Sheryl does now.

After our ride yesterday, she cleaned up her bike and waxed it and put it up for the week. No more Biking for her until next weekend if weather permitting.

I don't think I rode the BMW with her this week, but rode the DRZ400 a couple of times at least and a couple of days the V-Max and yesterday the KLR650. Most of our rides are from 60 to 100 miles and normally only one break of about 5 minutes.

I try to carry a camera with me but most of the time we don't stop long enough to use it. Most of the cool things we see happen quickly and then are gone. Like yesterday, I came around a corner and there is a full grown Owl standing beside the road in the grass looking straight at me.

He flew up about 6 feet and turned around and went into the woods about 15 feet behind where he was standing. It surprised me to see an owl in the daytime standing there.

I see deer almost everyday and several times I have had Tennessee Condors (Buzzards) flying beside me down the road trying to find a way out of the tree covering to get higher. We have seen a lot of wild Turkeys this year too.

The first weekend of our vacation I had a Coyote cross the road in front of me not much more than a 100 yds from some small children playing in their front yard.. Sheryl, riding behind me sees most of what I see but she missed the Owl yesterday.. dj
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PostSubject: Re: Our Birthday Week   Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:10 am

Good to hear the gearing change helped, thanks for everything, keep riding!

Sheryl is become quite a rider!
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Our Birthday Week
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