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 Are you smarter than a vintage parts geek?

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What is the difference between the two parts?
 The threads for the adjusters are different - one is right hand thread, the other left hand thread.
 There is a difference in offset.
 The center hole varies in size from one side to the other.
 The are both the same and I am not sure why they have different part numbers.
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PostSubject: Are you smarter than a vintage parts geek?   Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:09 pm

The Kawasaki W series of 650's has a truly dedicated following.

The Commander seems to be quite the cult bike, I'll give it two thumbs up.

Let's start this new series with the following. The rear chain adjust brackets have two part numbers - 33040-026 and 33040-026.

They are specific to one side of the bike.

What is the main difference between the two?

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Are you smarter than a vintage parts geek?
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