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 Peaches gets new shoes

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Peaches gets new shoes Empty
PostSubject: Peaches gets new shoes   Peaches gets new shoes I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2013 7:40 pm

My daughter has a Metropolitan and it was time (4000 miles) for some basic service and a set of tires.

Todays work area -

Peaches gets new shoes 00aCIMG5363_zps10a236b1

Pulled the rear tire -

Peaches gets new shoes 01aCIMG5356_zps560d3a6d

Went ahead and removed the exhaust and one rear fender bolt - here is the rear fender bolt - makes pulling the rear wheel easier.

Peaches gets new shoes 02aCIMG5358_zps7c6a8882

And here is where the exhaust mounts to the motor itself - you do not have to remove the nuts, just loosen them a lot. Again, this was done prior to rear wheel removal.

Peaches gets new shoes 02bCIMG5359_zps212a7267

4000 miles, rear brakes look good -
Peaches gets new shoes 03CIMG5354_zps2264cf26

Looks can be - well, let's see:

Peaches gets new shoes 04CIMG5355_zps7281aa39

Specification for minimum thickness is 1mm - they' fine!

When I mounted the tires, I remove the valve core. Here is the tool I use, and it is also a torque wrench to assure they are not reinstalled too tight -
Peaches gets new shoes 05aCIMG5365_zps5117bae8

Here is my bead breaker - works awesome!

Peaches gets new shoes 05CIMG5357_zps1b986721

Yes, it says "Made in America" on it!

Used a jack to lift the scooter so the front tire could be removed

Peaches gets new shoes 06CIMG5360_zps0a1b8085

Peaches gets new shoes 07CIMG5362_zps32d6dc06

Front tire installed -

Peaches gets new shoes 08CIMG5367_zpsce7a39fe

Old front and rear tire -

Peaches gets new shoes 09CIMG5366_zpsd7e70036

The old rear weighed 3 lbs 13 ounces - Old front was 4 lbs 4 ounces

New tires weighed 4 lbs 13 ounces

Replace the air filter - inside of the housing was clean and not a lot of oil.
Peaches gets new shoes 10CIMG5370_zps010ccb83

New and Old filter

Peaches gets new shoes 11CIMG5368_zps88c84644

If you hold the old one up to a light, you can see through it easily, it probably still had a lot of life in it.

Peaches gets new shoes 11CIMG5369_zpse95c7dce

Replaced the spark plug -

Peaches gets new shoes 12CIMG5372_zps695c8ef3

Now I want to wait for a nice day to test ride it - then take it back to its owner as quickly as possible!
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Peaches gets new shoes
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