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 Metropolitan/Ruckus Radiator Check

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PostSubject: Metropolitan/Ruckus Radiator Check   Metropolitan/Ruckus Radiator Check I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2013 4:48 pm

I've not seen or heard of a Metropolitan or Ruckus overheating, but still suggest owners check and clean (if needed) the radiator fins.

There are four screws, the cover snaps off - look around wiggle it, it will come off after the screws are removed.

Use a lot of caution in cleaning the fins, they bend easily and that will block air flow. You can vacuum them off or blow them out from the back - there are a couple holes you can spray high pressure air into.

Again, be careful, don't go jamming anything in or around the radiator, it can be damaged.

Here is ours -

Metropolitan/Ruckus Radiator Check MetRadiator_zpsababb3fb

Just take a look, you will be able to easily tell if it needs to be cleaned.

Thank you
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Metropolitan/Ruckus Radiator Check
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