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 Vintage H2 750 mach IV accident victim and more!

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PostSubject: Vintage H2 750 mach IV accident victim and more!   Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:23 pm

I feel blessed to of meet so many of the people I have through the years, Scott is one of them.

He shared some share pictures with me, and this one was, well, it is just sad!

Quote :
On that blue H-2, the corners of the aluminum fins were broken off by my left shin.  And the tank was mashed in by my knee's reluctance to leave the bike and go over the truck (which I did).  I gave up riding for 6 years after that accident.  All's well that ends well.

Kind of doing this bass ackwards....

Quote :
These are from the mid-to-late eighties.  The orange paint job wasn't for long.  Went to black with colored pin-stripes later.  I would never deface a factory paint job but a 80 year-old guy (blind in one eye) who pulled out in front of me put paid to that.  Oh and that's a 500 c.c. engine on a 750 frame when it was orange.  And me and my ex-wife on the green 500.  The devils in the details, as always.  : )

I really dig this one, so period correct!

Thanks Scott!!!!!
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Vintage H2 750 mach IV accident victim and more!
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