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 Lesson Learned: "Motorcycle Forum"

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PostSubject: Lesson Learned: "Motorcycle Forum"   Lesson Learned: "Motorcycle Forum" I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 4:19 am

I enjoy most motorcycle forums, but on occassion, I find some that exist for no other reason than personal gain. I know, this is America, but I expect more from motorcyclist, and that was my mistake - expectations.

The one forum I was recently "shown the door" was not and is not populated by what I consider to be motorcyclist, but by commuters and moderated/managed by people looking to make a buck off motorcycling.

I wish them the best, but they are not what or who I consider to be motorcyclist. They might ride motorcycles, but they do not understand them nor do they understand my perspective of decades on the road.

There are some people that probably should not ride a motorcycle, but this is America, and they are welcome to do so. After reading their fears of riding, the need to buy and sell and promote the purchase and sale (the first red flag for me) of any and all protective gear was an indicator of their true intent.

While I did find a couple of real riders that I could relate with, most had more forum posts than miles and more time behind a school desk than behind the handlebars.

What really gets me is the arrogance and lack of willingness to hear about or learn about other peoples experiences, especially so if it crossed their comfort zone of a perfect world.

America is not the country it used to be, I must be getting old, as I am finding there is a nitch of people I can not and do not want to relate with - that is something totally new for me.

Keep the faith, I shall keep the faith!


Ride for one - Ride for all
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Lesson Learned: "Motorcycle Forum"
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