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 Sketchy Motel - Possibly Offensive or NWS

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PostSubject: Sketchy Motel - Possibly Offensive or NWS   Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:59 am

I work in outside sales, and like a kid turning over rocks to see if there is anything cool under there, I have days that I "cold call".

I like to call on anything at this point in time, financially, it may or may not pay off.

There are approximately 120 motels/hotels in our area, and I want to be the salesperson who can say that he has called on every one of them. It's a numbers game of sorts, a certain percentage will buy from me, and a percentage of those will become good accounts. Sounds good in theory, time will tell if it works.

All I know is that for the first time, I was glad no one came to the window.

No business card was left, no promotional flier - I did take a picture.

See the Snickers bars? The Pepsi can beneath them? To the left, the gold foil colored packages -

Best to just turn around and walk away - Had to take the picture though!

Taken October 4th 2013 in East Kansas City MO
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Sketchy Motel - Possibly Offensive or NWS
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