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 A day in the shop

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PostSubject: A day in the shop   Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:08 am

Spring is almost here, and most of the bikes coming into the shop are for tires, oil changes and normal services.

A few fork seals, and some complete overhauls.

One gentleman brought in his 1993 CBR900RR that he bought new. Complete tune up with valve adjustment, probably a carb clean, chain, at least a grands worth of work.

Another, a 84 year old rider, improperly partially removed his front caliper trying to change his brake pads. Early 90's CB750, we fixed it and replaced his clutch lever for about $50.00 and he came in quickly to get to riding, neat guy.

While there are a few real jerks that we have to deal with, the majority of the customers are pretty cool, like you and me.

We'll try and focus on them and their motorcycles.
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Posts : 353
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PostSubject: Re: A day in the shop   Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:48 pm

Well, today after I returned from lunch, I looked in the shop as I drove by and noticed the tech button up Mr. Max.

Like the BKing, the fricking air scoops on the tank hit me in the knees, totally sucks, but it is what it is -

Pulling out of the parking lot, the bike felt lighter than I imagined. Totally contollable power, nice wide bars, seating was also pretty good -

Then the power, oh my God, the power is something I was not prepared for. The low end torque and horsepower are beyond description, and it seems to stay linear all the way to as far as I cared to push a customers bike - about 8000RPM was more than adequate.

I'd never flog a customers bike. Wheelie it, abuse the clutch, none of it - but I will do some tests of the throttle and the 2nd generation VMax completely set new boundaries for me.

While the power was totally mind blowing, it was oh so controllable.

It might be, no, it is the easiest to ride go fast bike I've ever ridden.

The BKing is awesome, Smoke let me ride his, and I do think the BKing is a better all around bike and that it handles corners ages ahead of Mr. Max II.

But that comparison is apples to oranges IMO, whatever, you know, motorcycles rock, all of them.
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A day in the shop
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