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 Long ago and far away..........

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Hank the Crank

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PostSubject: Long ago and far away..........   Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:55 pm

Just a little tale from the road.......
My girlfriend and I had left Lander, Wyoming in the morning, and were in Garden City, Utah early that evening. It was an overcast Sunday and we were riding 2-up on my FXRS Lowrider. Our destination was Logan, or a motel nearby.
The weekend traffic was heading west also......very little traffic coming up the hill towards us.
Utah 89 is a single lane highway, through semi open country.....sage and pine. We were in a line of vehicles heading down the hill.....two pickup trucks in front of us, and a line of five or so vehicles behind us....traffic was 'stretched out' a bit.

As we were going across a piece of road that was ballasted across a shallow gully, I saw the back of an animal paralleling the road, but below road level.....on the right side, and in front of us. A second later, a cow moose lunged onto the pavement in front of us. She had stumbled, and was trying to regain her footing. She was straddling the center line, and her calf had come up onto the road behind her. I grabbed brakes, and the bike was starting to 'wiggle'......released them, and we went between the cow and her calf......Lynn, on the back, said she could have touched either one.......there were two shadows that crossed the headlights behind us, the cow and calf made it across unharmed.......

We stopped for the night in Brigham City......Lynn and I just looked at each other and smiled.......I said to her that I always ask for 'safe passage' before our road trips.......she smiled and said that she did too.....I didn't know that.
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Long ago and far away..........
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