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PostSubject: Telemechanics   Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:23 am

Telemechanics - simply being a mechanic over the phone.

Real call from last week -

ujm: Thank you for calling service, this is Steve
RaiderOwner: Hey Steve this is "Raider Owner". I came to your "Love My Bike" presentation -
ujm: Hey, good to hear from you!
RaiderOwner: I've got a problem with my Raider, it's bad. A noise, from the engine, sounds serious, can I hold the phone there so you can hear it?
ujm: Heck yeah, go ahead.
RaiderOwner: OK - Here: (Listen, and yes, it sounds horrific, like a bearing going out or gone).
ujm: OK, I heard it, that does sound really bad.
RaiderOwner: I might trailer it down to you -
ujm: Hold on - have you done anything to the electrical system, LED turnsignals or anything?
RaiderOwner: No, no - it's all stock, the sound is coming from the engine -
ujm: I know, I know - but did you change anything?
RaiderOwner: Oh, I did put in a aftermarket headlight bulb -
ujm: Have the stock one still?
RaiderOwner: Yes - but....
ujm: Swap it out and call me back.

Several minutes go by, I get the call -

RaiderOwner: Steve - Steve, uh - wow, like - the noise is gone, bikes all fixed - what the.....
ujm: Great, I've got a few customers in here now, we'll talk about it next time you come in.
RaiderOwner: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

On certain Yamaha's, any changes to the electrical system cause the alternator/generator to make some scary sounds, exactly like a spun bearing. While this does no damage that I am aware of, it can be annoying, to say the least.

Fixes are returning the unit to stock or installing a load equalizer.
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